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It’s Always Sunny Season 5 Episode 4: The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention

sunnyIn perhaps the best (and raunchiest) episode of the season yet, the gang stages an intervention for Frank who not only has peaked at a level of debauchery, but revels in it. 

The gang finds themselves en route to what Frank calls an outdoor function, crammed in a car with Frank drinking boxed wine out of a soda can.  The outdoor affair turns out to be the funeral of Frank’s dead ex-wife’s sister’s husband.  Frank, wearing a wine-stained shirt and slurringly drunk, states his intentions to “bang” Dennis and Dee’s Aunt Donna. The entire scene is pure, outrageous gold!  Just when you think It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has hit a level of jaw dropping, shock-tastically crude comedy, they go and outdo themselves.

Frank strikes out with a completely repulsed Aunt Donna and Mac attempts to mack on the fifty-ish woman, citing that he was once her deceased sister’s “lover.” To try to improve his chances and gain an “in” with Aunt Donna, Mac suggests that Frank go one step further and attempt to hook up with Donna’s daughter, Dee and Dennis’ cousin, Gail. Dubbed “Gail the Snail” by Dee and Dennis for the fact that you have to throw salt on her to get rid of her, Gail — looking like a refugee from a methadone clinic — leeches onto Dennis and Dee in spite of their best efforts to dodge her.   Thoroughly creeped out, the gang resents Frank for dragging them there and involving them in a sticky, snail-fueled predicament.  After concluding that Frank has gone too far in his level of depravity and decide to stage an intervention.

Dee, Dennis, and Charlie meet with an intervention specialist to get pointers on how to best deal with Frank’s issues.   Taking a page out of their father/former father’s book, the trio turns up to the meeting swigging boxed wine out of empty soda cans with telltale wine stains on their mouths.  Each of the gang airs their grievances with Charlie hitting the nail on the head: He doesn’t mind so much that Frank is getting drunk, it’s just that he’s getting drunk without him.  And they don’t crawl around in the dark and play Nite Crawlers anymore, either.  After shooting down the intervention specialist’s theories that Frank needs to be gently coerced into sobriety, the gang decides to do the intervention their way.

Meanwhile, Frank takes Mac up on his suggestion to hook up with Gail for maximum shock value.  The two end up not hooking up, just smoking up and doing some serious drugs and alcohol before stumbling downstairs where they find Mac attempting to make breakfast in Aunt Donna’s kitchen.  Having busted in a window to gain access, Mac is confident he can bag Donna for his own.  Things don’t go quite according to plan as Aunt Donna comes downstairs, aghast at seeing her front windows destroyed, Mac in the kitchen, and Gail attempting to give her Uncle Frank a “handy” under the breakfast table. (“You’re not. You’re just mashing it.”)

After kicking Mac and Frank out with Gail the Snail tagging along behind them, the trio make their way back to Paddy’s where Dee, Dennis, and Charlie — smashed out of their collective gourds on box wine — take a stab at an intervention.  Frank thinks they’re giving him a roast and things get even more out of hand from there. 

After giving up on the intervention, the gang comes to the conclusion that drinking wine out of a soda can is far superior to drinking out of a wine glass, giving the drinker the ability to gesticulate wildly with a modicum of spillage.  They send not only the intervention specialist packing, but Charlie manages to flush out the ever-irritating Gail the Snail out by throwing salt on her until she flees out the door, but not before attempting to invite the gang to a rave (“I have glow sticks…”). 

With the menace disposed of, the gang does what they do best… Drink!  Hoisting their cans of wine high with a fresh box of wine ready in the background, it’s just another sunny day in Philadelphia and the credits roll on the best episode of the season so far.

The de-evolution of Frank Reynolds from Season 2 when Danny DeVito became a regular cast member is really hitting its stride, making him one of the most shocking and hilarious characters on television right now.  Frank has gone from a materialistic businessman and father to former trustfund babies Dennis and Dee to the middle aged and (really) crazy, booze chugging, spliff-lighting, piece-wielding, pint-sized deviant over the course of three seasons.

With the entire gang, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia takes the Seinfeld formula of really reprehensible characters and cranks it up a notch.  Each of the players (most of whom are the writers) have natural comedic delivery that makes this show such a slice of life… A really, truly, disgusting and totally awesome life.

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