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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5 Episode 6: The World Series Defense

sunnyworldseriesIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia nailed the Phillies Phenomenon that swept the city last year during the World Series.  With the City of Brotherly Love looking to experience a repeat of Phillies Phever, it makes the gang’s antics on this week’s episode all the more timely. 

Told through a series of flashbacks, the gang finds themselves in court for a plethora of unpaid parking tickets.  Starting out at the home base of operations, Paddy’s Pub, Mac, Frank and Charlie were busy concocting grain alcohol-heavy “Riot Punch” in gallon milk containers. Dennis contributes to the cause by ripping open his shirt to blast his chest, complete with red, Magic Marker “Phillies” scrawled across.  Charlie shows his team spirit by preparing to unleash Green Man yet again, believing it’s the perfect foil for the Philly Phanatic.  The lunacy continues when Sweet Dee bounces into the bar, decked out in pink Phillies gear, outlining her plan to hook a player.  Mac will run interference and Dee will make a break and plant one on a Philly of her choice.

All’s going according to plan and the gang prepares to head to the stadium, until Frank realizes that he left the tickets in his and Charlie’s apartment. It would be a simple fix for Frank, Dee, and Mac to head back to the apartment and pick up the tickets if it wasn’t for the fact that Frank and Charlie’s apartment building was being fumigated for an infestation of bed bugs.  Dennis and Charlie depart for the stadium while the rest of the gang sees the apartment building draped in an extra-large parachute to hold the bug bomb juice in.  Grabbing a hose to breathe into, Frank determinedly rushes into the building to grab the all-important tickets while Dee and Mac wait outside, going over their plan.

Dee wants to make out with Ryan Howard, but Mac attempts to strong-arm her into making a play for Chase Utley.  After some prodding, Dee finds out that Mac has something of a man-crush on the Phillies’ second baseman, having written him a letter that he wants Dee to hand to him after sticking her tongue down his throat.  The letter itself is decorated with stickers and features such gems of friendship as: “I like your hair. You run FAST! Did you have a good relationship with your dad? Me neither! These are all things we can talk about when we become friends.  I think our friendship would be a Home Run!”

Mac’s heartfelt bromance letter is read aloud in court, eliciting peals of laughter not just from his cohorts, but the judge and jury, as well.

Back in flashback mode, Dee and Mac realize it’s been awhile since Frank has gone into the building and notice that the hose has disappeared along with him.  Rushing into the building (more for the tickets than Frank), the trio are overcome by poison gas and an extended sequence of them gagging into the camera before stumbling from the building delivers comedy gold.  Frank realizes that the exterminators stole the tickets from his coffee table when they came in to exterminate.  They eventually crawl from the apartment and attempt to regroup and find a new plan to see the World Series game.

Back at the stadium, Dennis and Charlie are trying to find ways to get in without tickets.  Charlie suggests stumbling in front of an expensive car and shaking them down for tickets in lieu of filing a lawsuit for hitting them.  Instead of taking the fall himself, Charlie throws Dennis in front of a car, which amounts in an epic fail… And some serious bruises on Dennis.  Meanwhile, Charlie is determined to make Green Man a hit with Phillies’ Phans and has a Mascot-Off with the beloved, green Philly Phanatic.  Emboldened by several swigs of “Riot Punch,” Charlie still manages an epic fail against the Phanatic before phreaking out and sucker punching the fuzzy green guy.  Philly phans, not wanting to miss any opportunity to get in on a fight, come to the aid of the Phanatic and serve Charlie a beatdown to remember. 

Joined by Frank, Dee, and Mac, the reunited gang attempts to figure out how they can break into the stadium now that their tickets are gone. Realizing that Mac, who only works his “glamour muscles” in the gym, lacks the upper body strength to scale the stadium walls, the gang remembers a secret tunnel beneath the stadium that will allow them access.  Again, the gang’s plot goes awry and they find themselves trapped for six days in the stadium’s linen closet, resulting in the scads of unpaid parking tickets they were called to court for. 

Not buying “The World Series Defense,” the judge orders them to pay up and the quartet are escorted from the courtroom with Charlie babbling and ranting lines nicked from courtroom dramas and other random Charlie-ness.

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