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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5 Episode 9: Mac and Dennis Break Up

macdennis4evahAfter dropping by to torment Dee and borrow some popcorn for their umpteenth viewing of Predator, Mac and Dennis find themselves the brunt of accusatory comments.  Dennis refers to his sister as a “cat lady spinster with no friends.” Dee fires back, hitting a little too close to home by insisting that Dennis and Mac are worse than an old married couple, spending every waking moment together and checking in with each other all the time.

With the seeds of destruction planted, Dennis and Mac protest their union too much, finding ways to argue to ensure that they’re not really “an old married couple.”  After an argument over possibly watching The Transporter instead of Predator during movie night, Dennis and Mac decide to “break up.”  Dennis goes off to spend some quality time with his sister, Dee.  As Dee’s cat goes missing, hiding in a hole in the wall, Dennis suggests she should just let the cat die in the wall and demands Dee do all the things Mac used to for him: peel his apples, light his cigarettes, etc.  

Meanwhile, Mac turns to hanging out with Charlie and Frank, and is appalled at the way the “Gruesome Twosome” live.  Frank insists upon cutting his toenails with a steak knife and then plugging his botched toe with trash.  Mac vows to break Frank and Charlie of their vile habits like eating cat food and their trash-littered apartment decor, limiting trash only to the trash-talking that Mac and Dennis are hurling at one another via cellphone check-ins.

Annoyed by Mac’s attempt to turn the two Oscars into Felixes, he seeks refuge at Dee’s place along with Dennis.  Trying to help solve Dee’s cat conundrum, he decides to bring in a second cat to lure out the first one, attaching a string to its leg and putting that one in the wall along with Dee’s pet. 

Back at Charlie and Frank’s apartment, Mac has cleaned up the place, installing plastic seat covers on the couch, and insisting that Frank and Charlie try to find another sleeping arrangement other than sharing a bed.  Frank finally objects to Mac’s attempts at improvements when he halts him from eating an apple with skin on it and freaks out when Frank uses his toenail knife to remove the skin.  Feeling that Mac wants him and Charlie to put on airs by giving up eating cat food, Frank heads over to Dee’s apartment along with the rest of the gang, sans Mac. 

Meanwhile, Charlie has collected a batch of neighborhood cats to try to lure out Dee’s cat.  Dee, on the other hand, decides that throwing a bird in there on a string will be the best way to get her pet out of the wall… coming up with an Epic Fail.  On top of the calamity, Dennis accidentally swallows apple seeds and Charlie tells him he should through up immediately.  Frank shows up, back on Charlie’s team and reuniting the “Gruesome Twosome” with a series of vigorous pelvic thrusts in-stereo.  Dee, Frank, and Charlie conspire about how to get the cats out of the wall and Mac and Dennis back together so that they stop bothering them as Dennis can be heard loudly barfing in the other room. 

Baiting Mac and Dennis to sit down together at a local restaurant, Dee successfully reconciles the two before heading back to her pad to pry her cat out of the wall.  She comes home to find a house filled with cats and Charlie and Frank taking a sledgehammer to her wall and then decides to climb in herself and wrangle the pesky feline out of the wall herself.  Charlie and Frank, informed via text message and elated that Dennis and Mac are back together, abandon Dee inside the wall as they scamper off to watch Predator with the reunited “couple.”

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