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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5 Episode 11

IASIP-Ep509_bts_121This week’s episode of It’s Always Sunny was a decent one, but not necessarily one of the season’s best.  Playing off of director M. Knight Shyamalan’s connections to Philadelphia, the Sunny gang puts their own “twist” on things.

The action kicks off at Paddy’s Pub with Mac and Charlie telling the worst story ever about being locked in a stairwell and meeting a security guard to Dennis.  Dennis could care less, playing with his fancy new touch screen phone. Meanwhile, Frank is using his shirt pocket to dispense and eat large links of sausage.  Dee walks in and announces that she’s landed a featured role in an extra in an M. Knight Shyamalan movie. As is par for the course, the rest of the gang attempts to figure out how they can get a piece of the action.  Frank volunteers his services as Dee’s agent, realizing he can get money for nothing.  Dee declines and Frank ends up as Dennis’s agent while Mac and Charlie attempt to write their own script to pitch to M. Knight.

On the set of the film, Dee learns that her “featured extra” role is that she plays a corpse.  Ooh! What a twist!  As Dee haggles with the production assistant for a larger part, Frank, his sausages, and Dennis and his phone wander on the set and Frank scores Dennis a part as an extra, too.  Outraged, Dee stomps off to the makeup trailer and ends up drenched in enough blood to make Carrie look like a paper cut. 

Meanwhile, Mac and Charlie begin outlining the plot for their new film: The Fifth Sense, a prequel to Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense.  The duo decides that they should make with the Hollywood trend of resurrecting the career of an older, bad-ass actor, unanimously deciding upon Dolph Lundgren.  Lauding Lundgren as the most underrated actor ever, Mac and Charlie push their ever-expanding envelope of homoeroticism by creating a storyline in which the former Ivan Drago plays a super smart, muscular scientist who wears “a hot, mesh tank top.”  The Shayamalan Twist on this one is that he smells crime before it happens.  Charlie takes the lunacy a step further suggesting that the scientist has a giant nose for a head atop Dolph Lundgren’s chiseled body. 

Before they pitch the film to M. Knight Slumdog (as they refer to him), Mac and Charlie tell Dennis of their idea.  He thinks the film has potential, but is missing one thing: Full penetration and hot chicks.  Basically, Dennis’s twist on the story turns it into a porno.

Seeking help to write their screenplay, Mac and Charlie seek out a young Pakistani-American college student and pitch their story to him, figuring that Pakistan borders India, so obviously, this young lad must know a thing or two about putting a “twist” on a script.  After telling him their idea, the guy tells them he’s just a “big picture” kinda guy.

Back on the set, Dee prepares herself for her closeup and is dismayed to know that not only is she blood-covered, but her corpse character is laying face-down.  Meanwhile, Dennis gets to lay face-up in the shot and has a minimum of makeup.  Dee tries to steal the scene by pretending to be a zombie corpse, which doesn’t fly with the Production Assistant.  Even worse, M. Knight Shyamalan isn’t even directing this scene, just an assistant.  Dee gets booted from the scene, as does Dennis when his cell phone keeps going off in his pocket.  Dennis hands the phone to Frank who tells the assistant that he now wants in on the scene. 

Fed up with being an agent, Frank wants to act and is there to pick up the scraps the scraps and ends up as the featured corpse in the shot, replacing the ousted Dee and Dennis.  Nevertheless, even as the camera zooms in on faux DeadFrank, he can’t stop himself from taking a bite out of the delicious sausage in his pocket. 

Back in the trailer where Dee and Dennis are clearing out, Mac and Charlie show Dennis the storyboard for their film.  Dennis shoots it down and says that he had been typing up a new script for them to produce based on the horrible story Mac and Charlie had been telling at the beginning of the ep about being stuck in a stairwell and hunted by a psychotic security guard.  Just as Dennis goes to show them his script, the touch screen freezes, having been gummed up by Frank’s greasy sausage fingers. Foiled again!

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