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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5 Episode 12: The Gang Reignites the Rivalry

paddyshaverespectIn It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s fifth season finale, the gang sinks to new lows to re-stake their claim as Philadelphia Flip Cup champions.  While it wasn’t the hands-down funniest episode of the season and paled in comparison to last season’s closer, “The Nightman Cometh,” the gang kicked out yet another laugh-out-loud episode, leaving fans hungry for more than just 12 episodes and awaiting what antics may come in Season 6. 

As Frank is modeling his new, skinny jeans in an effort to be hip and trendy, Dee rushes into the Pub, eagerly alerting the rest of the gang that the decade-long ban has been lifted and Paddy’s is now allowed back in Flipadelphia.  The gang was banned from the city-wide Flip Cup Tournaments for poisoning the other team. Now they can reignite their rivalry with Molly’s pub – the default winner the last time Paddy’s was actually in contention.

The irony of this is that Dee was the reason why they felt the need to poison the competition.  Dee choked under pressure and couldn’t flip a cup to save her life.  Nevertheless, the gang heads over to Molly’s – now a relatively classy restaurant – and creates a huge ruckus.  Several upended tables, insulted patrons and after Dennis whizzes on the bar, they tell Molly’s owner, Marty Sloane that the rivalry is back on as they open up their jackets to reveal “Flipadelphia” t-shirts.

Satisfied that they’ve planted the seeds for reigniting their rivalry, the gang insists on ousting Dee from their team since she chokes under pressure and that her big man hands can’t accurately flip the cup. Until she can flip 10 cups without dropping them, they refuse to let her on the team. Dee sequesters herself and starts training while Frank is installed in the role of “Team Instigator.”

Meanwhile, Dennis decides to go back to his roots to hone his flip cup skills and heads to his old Frat House.  Claiming he’s a legend at his old frat, Dennis is shocked to find out that none of the new crop of brothers remember him… And that his photo on the wall has a new caption over the top of it, alluding that Dennis has a fondness for penis.  An even bigger shock comes when Dennis discovers Frank (and his skinny jeans) is there, playing hula hoop and attempting to recruit a fourth Flip Cup player for the team in Dee’s stead.  

While at the frat house, Frank pals around with the younger guys, thinking he’s in tight with them, and even snorts a line of Riterol.  Then the frat boys start zapping pledges with a tazer, along with Dennis and Frank, too with the duo retreating from the house and back to the club, vowing revenge. 

Similarly, Charlie and Mac run into their own trouble with the frat boys, this time busting in on a party and grabbing up their women, mesmerized by the fact that the girls are decorating each other with blacklight paint in a strobe-lit room.  The frat boys kick them out. 

The gang reconvenes at Paddy’s and Dennis says that he feels disrespected by them and intends to focus some weird rage on them, possibly involving janitor Charlie’s Good Will Hunting theories.

To make themselves feel better and further escalate the Molly’s rivalry, Dennis and Frank break into Marty Sloane’s house and begin tying the sleeves of all his dress shirts in knots From there, the start overflowing his toilet and sinks and nailgun his shoes.  Frank then slices Sloane’s shower curtain in half, cutting off the bottom half so that when he showers “everyone sees his junk.”  Dennis caps this off with his masterpiece: setting it up a fiery display on Marty Sloane’s lawn that spells out: ”Paddy’s Have Respect Idiot. I am LEGEND!” on the lawn.

Back at Paddy’s, Dee shows the guys that she’s been practicing her Flip Cup skills and successfully flips over 10 cups in a row.  She’s back on the team and the gang declares the Molly’s rivalry old news: This time, they’re headed to the frat to play for the Flip Cup honor of Paddy’s! 

They bust into the frat, demanding a single game of flip cup: If the gang wins, they get to party at the frat any time they want.  If the frat wins, they get free beer for life at Paddy’s.  The frat brothers agree and it’s on!

In what seems to be a show of good faith to Dee who has been on a winning streak, they tell Dee she can start off the team in Flip Cup.  She chugs the beer and flops miserably when trying to flip it over.  Dee stumbles around trying to flip the cup back over while the entire team of frat boys already flips all their cups over and wins.  The frat boys celebrate but their celebration is cut short as Dee and frat boys double over.  Turns out, the rest of the gang poisoned the beer in the cups.  They figured Dee would choke anyway, so to punish her, they poisoned her, too.  Dennis, Charlie, Mac, and Frank then sing the Flipadelphia song as Dee and the frat boys puke their guts up.

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